Sunday, January 3, 2016

Fast Trout Action in Nasty Weather//Video

In the Final weeks of December, I had the opportunity to host good friend and great angler Craig Dye, of Last Cast Productions, down in Delacroix, la.  As a kind gesture Craig went home and made a short clip of what the day was all about.
Conditions were in the lower 50s and a strong north wind was blowing along with a  1.2 foot falling tide.  We caught everything on Matrix Shad and Rockport Rattler jig heads and Live shrimp. We didn't have to travel far from Sweetwater Marina to get into the action and we finished off a 50 speck limit before 9 am.  From specks we moved on to some shaded sight fishing, but as you can see in the video, Craig was successful. Just click the pic below to get started on a 2 minute clip of a lot of fish.

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